My name is Mo and I am a photographer based in the colorful state of Colorado, but love to travel!! I specialize In Family, Maternity, Engagement, Elopements and Weddings. I like to keep sessions simple, and fun! I believe in capturing candid moments that show your true personality. I believe in love, and warm affection between a mother and their babies, a father and his little girl, or a father and their son, a father walking his daughter down the aisle and the magic of every moment that comes in between.

I was born in Iran and moved to St.Louis, Mo in 2003. I attended University of Central Missouri and graduated with my bachelor degree in Criminal Justice in 2017. I moved to Buffalo, NY in 2017 right after graduation with My now husband. Buffalo started my photography career full-time! My husband and I moved to Colorado June of 2021, and got married October of 2021 after 9 years.

When I was six years old, my childhood home was robbed. The only things the robber got away with taking was my moms camera, my childhood photo albums, and all of our family home videos. I think about those childhood photos, the videos and how I will never be able to retrieve or look at them again, and because of that, I am passionate in making sure YOU have photos to look at for a lifetime. I am passionate in capturing your most important day, your most precious raw moments, and the candid's in between.

Outside of photography, I enjoy drawing, traveling, teaching pre-school, interior design, hanging out with friends and family, and finding cute brunch spots around town!

I am SO excited to meet you and hopefully work together !


+ I love boba tea & crab legs

+ I am Persian ✨

+ My name means Good News! 

+ I Am a proud Kansas City Chiefs fan ❤️🏈

+ Persian tea is my breakfast, lunch and dinner meal

+ I started taking photos since who knows when.. but officially made my business official in 2020

+ I am a sucker for everything neutral and blacks

+ One of my biggest goals and dream before I turn 40 (if it happens after that’s okay too) is to build a wedding venue.. 😊 I have a sketch of a blue print.. just need a million dollars, nbd 😂 

+ If I could do one more thing in life, it would be to remodel and host an Airbnb in Arizona 

+ I love to HOST!! I love having friends and family over, cooking for them. Etc 

+ I went to school for criminal justice but decided working 24/7 and owning a business was a better idea. Best decision ever, by the way! Highly recommend.

+ Hilary Duff is my Idol. For life. 

+ Incase you didn’t know, California roll is SUSHI 😉