3 reasons why you should do a first look

If you are wondering whether you should do a first look or not on your wedding day , I hope this blog post helps make your decision a little bit easier. Here are my top 3 reasons why you should do a first look on your wedding day.

  1. Intimate Moment

Think of this as a way to connect with each other without hundred of people around. A moment where you get to share together alone, and take in all details that you have worked so hard to put together on your big day!

2. It will calm the nerves

For many couples being the center of attention, and having anxiety before the ceremony is normal. Doing a first look will help ease those feeling and calm your nerves. Trust me, even during the ceremony you will both get those sweet feelings and reaction as you walk down the aisle!

3.More time with family and friends

This one is important! If you choose to go the route to do a first look, you will spend more time around your family and friends before the ceremony. Without a first look, your day starts when ceremony does.

A great benefit of getting to spend more time with everyone before hand is that after the ceremony you can also go straight to cocktail hour and enjoy time with all of your guest instead of rushing to do photos and head for entrance.


The truth about a wedding day is, no matter how prepared you are, things will run behind.for example ( weather, traffic etc.) So the best way to make things stress free is to do a first look and knock out all your family formals, bridal party photos and bridal portraits. This will allow you to enjoy your guest and cocktail hour after ceremony and YOU WILL get double the amount of photos if you do a first look than if you don't.